Wild horse

Text&Musik: Pugh Rogefeldt

Copyright Pugh Rogefeldt / Warner-Chappell

Wild horse…


One arly day

One crazy day

I felt the wild horse in me

So strong and willingly, thrillingly

He rose away

What could I say

He left a totem in me

So strange and beautiful powerful


Wild horse – I´m riding wild horse


It´s hereabout

Those mighty clouds

That state of excellence

That´s why to many stare wide agape

Our whereabouts

Is just about

A harder vigilance

Meanwhile we´d better try another shape


Wild horse – I´m riding wild horse


One dyin´ day

They´ll come this way

Like when an earthquake´s risin´

To lose and die a bit is to live a bit

They´ll tie me down

They´ll drag me out

To tame the animal in me

Those blues are back again

With a tighter grip

Från Face (1983)

Åter till Pughs Låtar