Text&Musik: Walin/Rogefeldt/Walin

Copyright Pugh Rogefeldt / Warner-Chappell

Livin´in a nightmare

My night is full of fear

I don´t know what I´m doin´here

I must have been on a bum steer

Livin´in a nightmare

Playin´a loosers game

Know they´re waitin´out there

Why must I be the one to blame


Take me away –

I´m sitting on an islet

Take me away –

Back to the motherland


Wanted them blond and blue-eyed daughters

Wanted to see what life is all about

Tread my way to heavy waters

And confusion is just about all I ever got


Take me away –

I´m stuck up on an islet

Take me away –

Back where I belong

Take me away –

The dawn is cruel and violet

Take me away –

Can´t stand it anymore

Just can´t stand it anymore


They´ll say this time I really blew it

But that´s a downright lie

I´m just a midnight prowler

Chased by the vultures in the sky


Take me away…

Från Face (1983)

Åter till Pughs Låtar