The chute

Text&Musik: Pugh Rogefeldt

Copyright Pugh Rogefeldt / Warner-Chappell

Standin´ in the doorway of this airplane

Waitin´ for a boot to close my case

This is something real this rough and tough game

Gotta keep a smile upon my face

Hello – Goodbye

It´s time to live or die

Auf wiedersehen

I´m in the air again


First you fight in the wind

Like an eagle on golden heights

Then you spread out your wings

Like a magical butterfly

And you howl like a an owl

While it´s shakin´ your insides out

And you call out for God

As you´re coming to the ground

Down down


Hangin´ in the doorway now again all

Ready to go right out into space

Fellin´ like controllin´ all my nerves

Don´t  wanna see no panic on my face

Hello – Goodbye

First you fight it in the wind….


Swimming in the sea or wrecking limos

Really is atouch too slow to me

Climbing up a hill dot give no thrill no

I just wanna float in majesty

Hello – Goodbye…..

Från Face (1983)

Åter till Pughs Låtar