Rocks in my head

Text&Musik: Pugh Rogefeldt

Copyright Pugh Rogefeldt / Warner-Chappell

I´m a government man and I´m working in an office

I got last word and I really know what law is

I´m never late for work got no ring around the collar

Got a four-door Granada and I do respect the dollar

Got a green tweed suite that I wear to church on Sundays

The little woman got her sewing cirkles every Monday

I don´t like, I won´t like, I can´t stand rocks in my head


Well it´s my job at the immigration building

To keep rock´n´roll from our women and  children

Drug-crazed bands need a stamp in their passports

But I like to yell NO and kick ´em in their ass

Cause they got long hair and they´re smelling really funny

Got limousines, girls, alcohol and lots of money

I don´t like, I won´t like, I can´t stand these rocks in my head


They look so pale ain´t they seen no sunny weather

And gosh they must sweat wearing all these furs and leather

I bet they live in caves always cringin´ from the daylight

They put on the shades even when it´s dark as midnight

They got no taste, see those colour combinations

I bet the Lord was sleaping when he made up these creations

I don´t like, I won´t like, I can´t stand the way that they look



Från Face (1983)

Åter till Pughs Låtar