Happy birthday miss earth

Text & musik: Pugh Rogefeldt

Copyright Pugh Rogefeldt / Warner-Chappell

Intro: G/D - D


D         Asus       A

Happy birthday

                 F#7        Hm     Hm/A

from your native children

                           G               Asus    A6

although we hardly ever showed it

                         F#7                          Hm

remember you´re our Number One


Altrough we´re raised


beneath your clouds

A                   D       D7

don´t hold us back


We´re gonna search,

                     A7sus  A7                   D – D7, Hm

we´re gonna find another you :\ x3

                          A                                G

but many thanks it´s been a real good time

Gm                            G/H     G/D - D

know you´ll soon be fine



Looking back


At the open tracks


It does´nt seem as

              E/G#                  A7sus       A7

If we´ve treated you well


Forgive the wounds


That we made


We were sharpening the blade

         G                       H                      E7sus

And sometimes even let our brother down

E                         A

You know we´ll make it up to you

                     Amaj7                      D

Bring all the beauty back to you

              E7sus    E      

A happy birthday Ma


              E7sus    E      

A happy birthday Ma

              E7sus    E      

A happy birthday Miss Earth

 A7                         D

We´re on our way now

                   E7sus E7            A

on our way  now   out of this  :\ x3

F#7                     E

But many thanks


We had a real good time

Dm                      A

Gonna make you fine

A7                         D      Dm

We´re on our way time


Gonna , make yo fine


We´re on our way……..