Bo Diddley

Text & musik: Pugh Rogefeldt

Copyright Pugh Rogefeldt / Warner-Chappell

Intro: A7 – D/A – A – D – A – E7 – A



This is the song about Bo Diddley


This is the song about Bo Diddley


He is the man who gave us rhythm

A                                                       Hm G

He is the king of this crazy rhythm


      A          Hm G     A          Hm   G     A          Hm   G     A

Bo Diddley,        Bo Diddley,          Bo Diddley,          Bo  Diddley

D        G   C      A          D – A – D – A – D – A7

Bring out your passion

                         D/A         C - A

Bring out your passion


When I was a kid I heard Bo Diddley

Yeah, once upon a time I saw Bo Diddley

And I sure danced like a spinning top

Everybody wished it would never stop


Bo Diddley…


Mu mama said: Whe´d ye get that notion

And my papa said: That´s locomotion

Well it might have been too much to ask

But this was really out of their bag


Bo Diddley….


Go and tell the United Nations

Tellém we got a Big sensation

Come on in and bust your glands

Move your feet and shake your hands


Bo Diddley….


Go and speak at the next convention

´cause now it´s time for a rejuvenation

lick ém all an´let ém jazz

shake your bones an´move your ass


Bo Diddley…..  


D       G    C     A       D   A  D    A   D   A7

Bring out your passion