Text & musik: Pugh Rogefeldt

Copyright Pugh Rogefeldt / Warner-Chappell

Same old thing will happen                    Hm

when I place my bet

same old desperation                            A

as I´m sliding deep in debt

same old thing will happen                     F#7

hen my bottle hits the deck

same old things keep coming                 Hm

we´re locked in these cages

oh oh, oh oh                                         Hm  A  F#  Hm  Dmaj7


Get out of my day, Backslider               Hm  A  G    (G  A)

why don´t you get the hell out of me      Hm  A  G  Em7

get out of my night, Backslider              Hm  A  G   (G  A)

oh, why don´t you get on your way       Hm  A  G  F#


All through the ages                              Em7  A

we´re locked in these cages                  Em7  A     (Hm  F#  Hm  F#)

getta, getta, getta, getta                         Em

get out of my way   (x 3)                                  

getta, getta, getta                                  Em  D


Same old jugglers grinning

just to keep me hangin´ on

same old juice is flowing

and my veins are, oh so worn

same old screeching carousel

nails me to the wall

where are you Dr Weed

I hear the roaring falls

Oh oh


Get out of my….

All through…


Good-day to you now, black magic

I wanna solve my problems without you

Get out of my life, black magic

Oh why don´t  you get on your way


All through….


Get out of my day, Backslider

oh why don´t you let me live, love and laugh again

Get out of my night, Backslider

oh why don´t you get on your way

Why don´t you get on your way